1614 Alum Rock Ave
San Jose, CA 95116
Hours: Monday to Sunday 5-9:30PM (Closed Tuesdays)

When the 2017 Michelin Guide was released, one of the hot topics was the fact that San Jose’s first Michelin star restaurant has made its way onto the list. I made the quick decision to grab a reservation that same day. I knew that this small Portuguese restaurant was about to become the top dinner choice for everyone in and around the South Bay.

Here were some of many of the dishes we ordered:


Homemade bread with butter, olives, and hummus


Chestnut Soup


Creme de Marisco – Seafood bisque with fresh lobster and oysters


Pasteis de Bacalhau – Light and fluffy codfish cakes on a spring mix salad

Tabua de Enchidos – A selection of thinly sliced charcuterie; Iberico ham, duck breast, Paio sausage, and Chouricao


Bife a Portuguesa – Ribeye steak, crispy ham, fried egg, fried potatoes



Polvo a Lagareiro – Oven roasted octopus with potatoes sauteed in garlic and olive oil


Pudim Abade Priscos – Sweet and salty egg pudding, caramel mousse, Iberico ham tile, dried apricot sorbet


Arroz Doce Adega – Fried coconut rice pudding, passion fruit sauce, mojito sorbet


Pera Bebada – Creme brulee inside a wine poached pear


Out of all the dishes, my favorites were the charcuterie plate and the roasted octopus. Since I love the contrast of sweet and salty flavors, the charcuterie plate was a perfect dish for me because of the combination of the sweet reduction sauce and salty cured meats (ask for extra bread to eat with this!). I also enjoyed the octopus because it was one of the most tender octopus I’ve had. Unfortunately, the other dishes did not blow me away, something I would expect from a Michelin starred restaurant. Overall, this is a good find in an unexpected San Jose neighborhood that is worth a try. However, don’t stress out if you can’t get a reservation, they’re booked way in advanced. You can wait until the Michelin hype dies down.

Happy eating!



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