Time has a really mysterious way of altering our perception of it. It forces us to look at every situation from two different points of views: the big picture and the small details.

The technical understanding of time is standard and basic. One minute is 60 seconds. However, it is truly up to the individual to actually experience time. We can all relate to the ability of 15 minutes dragging on and on during mundane moments. On the other hand, we all have also experienced occasions of joy that seem to end a lot faster than what we would have wished for.

Since this is indeed a food blog, I guess we can compare time to food. Think of a fancy intricate dish that you’ve had recently. At first glance, you see the plate of food as a whole, a main component that is dressed up with smaller elements. This dish can easily disappear in a matter of a few bites/minutes, but if you break it down and enjoy each part, these bites can feel like they’re lasting longer. Of course it’s silly to over analyze everything you eat, but the same can be said for time. You can choose to soak in and embrace certain moments, while letting time just simply pass during others. There is admiration for the big picture, and appreciation for the small details.

This is how we feel about The Culinary Four turning two years old. “Two years already? Where has the time gone?” also feels like “Two years is a long time! Look at all the things that we’ve done!” In the overall scope of things and the potential of what could come forth from it, two years isn’t really that long. But if you break it down and measure these two years in the number of TCF pictures, blog posts, videos, events, and memories, it is quite a lot. Also taking into consideration our lives outside of TCF, many factors have affected who we are. The Culinary Four is now unfortunately only three (Best of luck to Arthur in all his future endeavors! And yes…we’re still friends!), one reason why we are working towards reinventing this blog, this passion…this community. Unfortunately, with many of life’s distractions, sometimes progress can feel unimportant or even unwanted. We’re all guilty of coming home from work and wanting to do absolutely nothing. Priorities do change, but we can always count on TCF for good times and as a reminder of how much happiness we get from expressing our love for food (and music) through pictures and words.

We will be taking a short hiatus as we are taking our time to create exciting, new content while trying to plan our relaunch. We hope that you all are as excited for the TCF revamp as we are! With that said, thank you to all for supporting The Culinary Four. Every social media “like”, every word-of-mouth share, and every glance at our pictures and blog posts keeps us motivated to create content not only for ourselves, but for our fellow food lovers too. We are always looking forward to what the future holds, we hope you all are right there beside us when we get there.

Remember, as always…here’s to good friends and good eats!

– Gina, Linh Linh, & Brian


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